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We want your custom jerseys, pullups, airblades, etc. to look their very best! Please read the following for specifics, and other tips and tricks to make your image exactly what you want to represent your brand.

We are always willing to accommodate you. However, for quick service and to avoid delay, the following guidelines have been provided for art submission.





Accepted File Formats include:

Adobe Illustrator (.eps, .ai)- Version CC or lower

Photoshop (layered .psd preferred, .TIF, .PNG)- Version CC or lower

CorelDRAW (.CDR)- Version X8 through 2021

COMPRESSION: ZIP, SIT and RAR  your files for large data transfers.

PLEASE INCLUDE a JPG composite of how your artwork should look in print. We will use this to compare to the output for accuracy.

BE COLOR SPECIFIC We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for defining color. Specifically the CMYK/SPOT Coated color books

METALLIC AND SPOT COLOR FOR JERSEYS Our jerseys are printed in CMYK. For an up-charge, we can accommodate spot color printing of neons and metallics. We can use spot PMS color references to reproduce your color in CMYK.


PLEASE DO NOT SEND WORD, POWERPOINT, QUARK, or PAINT files. These are not designed for printing glorious masterpieces... mostly only used for printing out a grocery list. Quark is a design program but not for the type of printing we do.

PULLUP CORDS- Please set up your file at 100% scale, with embedded graphics at least 300 dpi in CMYK colorspace. Please use template provided.

AIRBLADES & BANNERS- Please set up your file at 100% scale, with embedded graphics at least 75-100 dpi in CMYK colorspace. Please use template provided.

PLEASE USE THE PDF TEMPLATES SUPPLIED FOR EACH ITEM- You can open the PDF templates in Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Photoshop to help place your graphics and images where you want them.


PLEASE INCLUDE ANY Photoshop PSD files with your design.

KEEP the use of effects and transparencies to a minimum in Illustrator. Overuse of these tool can produce unwanted results. This includes drop shadows and gradients with transparencies.

AVOID gazillions of clipping masks in your Illustrator file. If an illustration is that complex, please create a raster background image in Photoshop and embed in your Illustrator file with your text and graphics.

EMBED any placed images... do not link them. If you don't know how to do this please include all of the images you used in your design. Missing graphics will not appear on your final design... so this is important!

PLEASE DO NOT use "Overprint" in your designs in Illustrator or Corel. The element, graphic or logo runs a high chance of disappearing completely and will not be seen on your final product. We do our best to try and find these gems before print... but sometimes it's like hunting a needle in a haystack. Best not to use this control.

CHECK to make sure your are building your files in CMYK and not RGB.

FONT SIZES- On pullup cords especially, use no less than 5pt type! Thin fonts do not reproduce well, neither will fonts with high detail or ornamental type.

NEVER rasterize small fonts in your photoshop files. The will likely become unreadble in print.


ALL FONTS SHOULD BE CONVERTED TO CURVES. If possible, fonts can also be included with your design files.



Two easy ways to get your original artwork to us:

1. VIA EMAIL: Please attach your files (preferrably encapsulated in a ZIP, RAR or SIT file) as long as they do not exceed 10MB

2. ARTWORK UPLOAD: Click the link for a direct file upload through WE TRANSFER.



OPTION STUDIOS will gladly design your artwork. Call 505-352-7477 and get started right away!

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